Ranking and conversion are two things majorly desired by a business owner. When it’s all about the internet and websites, people are more likely to have a website for their respective businesses. And Having a regular eye on the traffic of your website or a particular blog is a great way to improvise in future.

For instance, a blogger should always check and compare two or three articles on the web analytics sites to see which post is doing the best and which one is doing the worst. Once you find out the best one, the next articles are going to flourish better. Other than this, you can get access to the continuous growth or deterioration of your site and work on making it better.

So, all these wonderful advantages and utilities make us look for the websites that can give us the best web analytics and make our job easier to rank better and earn better. Sites like Alexa, SEMrush and much more web analytics sites are there that can help us achieve the goal. Let’s jump to the top sites.

Google Insights

When it comes to the key phrase groups, list of key phrases and regional information, Google Insights is the best tool to get with its superior ability to serve this general information. Flourishing in SEO or generating more traffic is all about staying one step ahead of your competitor and Google Insights can do the exact. Know the best key phrases, and a group of key phrases to get better ranking. You can also discover the amount of traffic you’re getting for a post. Without the data complexity, Google Insights is a fantastic Web Analytics option.


SEMrush has earned expertise in providing accurate data. If you know how to use this tool, SEMrush is going to be your best lifeline on the internet to detect the traffic, ranking, and other aspects of your website. That’s the reason, SEMrush has become one of the most reliable and trendy tools among the bloggers and website owners.

The data of SEMrush includes the accurate traffic your site is gaining for a particular period of time. Moreover, you can discover the list of keywords and key phrases along with their rankings. Both these facilities can do wonder in terms of ranking better on search engines.

The only thing that’s going to hold you back is the limited free access to the website. You have to purchase the premium version of SEMrush to enjoy the features.

Authority Labs

Authority Labs can be considered as the underdog who comes up with a wonderful performance. If you want to check your website’s valuable backlinks, Authority Labs may be the destination you were looking for. The website detects the traffic and gives you the report of the traffic you’ve been able to draw to your site.

Moreover, one can build a keyword list of Authority labs which will be able to rank you better than your competitors. You can get the keyword list from the site and utilize them in your content. See the result by the rank checker of Authority Labs as the rank checking is also an integral part of the site.

Top 3 Web Analytics Sites to Track Your Traffic and Improve SEO

The above web analytics sites are three of the best tools you can find on the internet. There are more tools which are popular and provides great performances. If you want to know about the performances and features of those sites, you should visit Layerpoint and I believe you’ll discover the tools that you want from the informative content.